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(Indonesia, Regina Pacis Bogor High School)

I first came to know about Global Leadership Division through attending Korean Language Institute in Yonsei University and what caught my attention was the diversity of GLD.

I felt that I could gain insights on a variety of cultures and language from foreign students and overseas Korean students. At the same time, I can learn more about Korea through the "Korean culture and commerce" major of GLD.

The strength and privilege of GLD lies in that foreign students who are not yet fluent in Korean yet still given the same opportunity as others. Having been studying in Korean for the past semester, I am confident to say that my Korean language skills have improved way more than I expected.

GLD has surely motivated me to further my studies in Korean and I have even received a scholarship. I hope that the experience I have and will gain from Yonsei will inspire me to foster a leadership that will ensure my success as a global leader in the near future.
(Germany, Helmholtz Gymnasium)

In hopes of achieving my future career as a psychologist in Korea, I took time to learn more about Korean language and came to know about Yonsei University through my mother who was Korean.

As a German, I lacked knowledge in Korean culture and society, which I felt was a crucial part of my education if I wanted to achieve my goals. That was how Global Leadership Division became a part of my university education.

Life on campus was more than I had expected, with friends who were culturally diverse to interact with and a unique dormitory life. Although I had worries about adapting to speaking mostly in Korean, the times I spent at the Yonsei Korean Language center truly paid off.

Throughout the first semester, the most memorable event was the collaborated cheering session along with Korea University. During the event, I had the opportunity to further bond with my friends and extend my love for Yonsei. After my years at Yonsei, I plan to continue my studies in Psychology in Germany.
Wongxiang Yi Melissa • Wongxiang Yi Melissa
(Singapore, Raffles Institution)

Back in Singapore, I was chatting with my academic advisors and they offered me a leaflet titled “Yonsei University: Global Leadership Division” after I expressed my interests in furthering my studies in South Korea.

The vibrant school life in Yonsei and wide range of curriculum opportunities offered to the students in the Global Leadership Division enticed me to apply for the Fall 2015 intake. That was how I began my Freshmen Year in Yonsei University. Through my first 4 months on campus, I experienced a rich campus life alongside many friends from different countries such as Hawaii, Japan and India and was able to challenge and improve myself in many different academic areas with the help of my patient and friendly professors. I think it is safe to say that my Korean skills have also improved immensely since I first entered university.

I am sure that my experience studying in Korea and especially Yonsei University under the Global Leadership Division will help me to grow in the future, even after I leave Yonsei University.
• Kim, Angie

As a Korean from an international background, being a part of the Global Leadership Division seemed most suitable for me. I was able to embrace my Korean roots while surrounding myself with fellow international students from diverse backgrounds. I think the Global Leadership Division gives students the chance to truly indulge in Korean culture and society, yet maintain the international background that sets us apart as unique individuals.

GLD students are also able to choose a second major of their choice; this gives us the chance to compete and interact with Korean students. Attending Yonsei University, one of the best universities in Korea, and taking classes with intelligent students gives GLD students motivation to study hard and reach their full potential. Studying alongside such hardworking students has further driven me to study hard, which led to a scholarship.

I think that GLD students' extensive knowledge of Korea paired with their global upbringing will prove to be an advantage in future career-seeking. GLD trains students to become what they all aspire to be: global leaders.
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