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Course Withdrawal for 2016-2nd Semester

Those who are unable to continue the courses on 2016-2nd Semester due to unavoidable reasons, please apply to course withdrawal in accordance with the following guidelines.

1.Course Withdrawal Directions

Go to Yonsei Portal System Yonsei Portal System Academic Information System Academic Management System Course Course Enrollment Apply for withdrawal

2.Course Withdrawal Period : October 5th, 2016 (Wed) 7th (Fri) 23:59


)    After withdrawing from a course, applying for another course is prohibited. Students must be registered for at least one credit after the withdrawal becomes effective.

)    Withdrawn courses will be exempt from evaluation and will not appear on student’s transcript.

)    For the courses withdrawn in and before 2008, the withdrawn courses will not disappear on student’s transcript although students repeat the courses.

)    Based on the school regulation number 43 paragraph 2, students who withdraw a course are ineligible to apply for extra credits or for academic honor roll although their GPA may meet the requirements.

)    After withdrawing from a course during the designated period, verify that the course has been withdrawn by checking the course enrollment list on Yonsei Portal System (Yonsei Portal System Academic Information System Academic Management System Course Course Enrollment).      


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